Auto Painting

Auto Painting Made Simple
for the Columbia, SC area

Auto paint is nothing like the paint you use to freshen up the walls in your home. Luckily, we know the best kinds of paint materials and tools to use for the best-looking results. Our painting experts at Ballentine Collision Repair are careful and good at what they do, and the proof is on your car! We can cover up any scratches from runaway grocery carts or other car doors, or we can repaint your entire car or truck from front to back. 
Auto Painting Columbia, SC
Ballentine Collision Repair uses AXALTA on 98% of our paint jobs. This water-based paint can provide the utmost protection from the toughest weather elements and road conditions. Not to mention, we can match your car or truck’s existing color perfectly. When you visit our shop, you might see our computerized auto body paint mixing room that’s kept separate from the collision repair stations.


We take every precautionary measure to ensure your car or truck receives our very best work. Call our auto body shop today to restore your car to its pre-scratched or pre-damaged condition. When it comes to auto painting, Ballentine Collision Repair provides affordable rates and stunning results for Columbia, SC motorists!
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